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3 definitions by crysci

Styx is the river which forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld, according to Greek mythology.
Styx is the "boundary" between the living and the dead.
by crysci February 12, 2007
34 6
Pinay land is another term for the Philippines.
I will be in Pinay land pretty soon.
Most of the flips know English anyways.
by crysci February 11, 2007
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409 is the area code which comprises most of Galveston County in Texas. (The Northern part of Galveston county usually has a 281 area code.) 409 also includes the Beaumont area which is lesser known.

Houston people usually think of 409 as the area code for the Galveston area not the Beaumont area. 409 is more widely known for the Galveston area.

ghettoboy: Here is my number 409-***-****
Houston-emogirl: 409. So you must live near Galveston, right?
by crysci February 12, 2007
16 24