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5 definitions by crustypooter24

To be excessivly poor while living a lavish lifestile.
Maaaaan, las nite daat nug was all up on my bc (foodstamps) man, and now he be all jockin on me in his new cutty. He be all Wadata on my ass, bitch gotta be nuggin it...
by crustypooter24 July 30, 2008
When a suspect is clearly guilty, but just too lovable for jail.

I just cant be 100% positive it's really R Kelly in that video. We the jury find the defendant.. O.Juilty!
by crustypooter24 July 30, 2008
Litterally: Fuck You Eat My Ass!

An exclamation of minor irritation to another individual. More commonly used while driving, or doing charity work.
"Hey, want to come over tonight and play world of warcraft?"

"Fuema you chugly skeezer, I'd rather go ass to mouth on Whoopi G with the lights on."
by crustypooter24 July 30, 2008
A girl who's sole survivol is based on exposing herself until a skeezy broke ass loser gets lured into her big nasty vag.
Wow that fugo would be half skeetable if she wasnt such a venus fly twaat.
by crustypooter24 July 30, 2008
A solid mass expelled from the vagina durring menstration. Usually mistaken for a massive blood clot.
Wow, Kelly had a massive gooky, I probably shouldnt have posted that on the internet. : (
by crustypooter24 July 30, 2008