3 definitions by crowdish

This is a less offensive way of saying "Jesus Christ"

It originated with the movie 'The Faculty'. In the real version, one of the characters exclaimed "Jesus Christ!" but in the edited TV version, they had it changed to "Cheese and rice!"
Guy #1: Aliens landed on Earth!
Guy #2: Cheese and rice!
by crowdish November 15, 2003
the end of the world; the apocolypse
When Crowfire comes, everybody's gunna die!
by crowdish November 15, 2003
Another way of saying "Yo' got played!"

Originated as a mispronounciation of 'roasted'
Guy #1: Will you go to the dance with me?
Girl: Not in a million years!
Guy #2: Oooh, you got rousted!
by crowdish November 15, 2003

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