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Synonim for the word "loser" or "pussy/whimp"
1- What a Hirsh
2- What a hirshberg!
3- "ERSH BERR" (loudly in deep voice)
by creator January 14, 2005
A person with no hopes, dreams, or aspirations.
Stop being such a barch! Get up off the couch and do something!
by Creator June 17, 2003
Sheep Shagging Homosexuals who have fat women because the sheep get all the action,,,Also the name means a friendless no life big girls blouse who has sexual intercourse with close family members(usually of male sex)
Inbred from generations ago to cross DNA with Sheep,Ugly fat women and generally anything which has no taste.
by Creator March 03, 2003
A prep school in newengland that since the dawn of time has had there ass handed to them by Tabor academy
Hey! you go to holderness right?... i'm sorry
by creator January 14, 2005
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