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The act of beasting someone else's entire alotment of food (especially french fries) when given (or having implicit) permission to have a small amount
Marc: "Can I have a fry?"
Todd: "Yeah"
Marc: "Thanks"
Todd: "You Hirshed my fries! They are all gone!"
by DMM and Peth April 25, 2004
a gimp struggler who makes good use of hotel rooms at tournaments
Example -

Hirsh: what's your room number?
Baskind/Aram/Krill: Room 69
Hirsh: excellent
by Ted Belch October 09, 2004
Someone known for hanging out with Sheehan. Also a tard, but to a lesser extend.
"Dogg Hirsh, are we retarded?"
"Yeah dogg, i think we are"
"Dogg we must be the most retarded people on earth"
"Dogg, I think you're right!"
by Poisonicnuke August 24, 2004