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a phrase used to describe the strange/abnormal/inexplicable things women sometimes do.
Erick: Yo man my ex gf just texted me sayin she wanted to come over and shave my back hair and listen to me purr like a walrus then two minutes later she called me and told me to go fly a kite.

Mike: Oh son you knows women be shopping. Chall gotta forget that trick ass hoe.
by crazycyrax February 20, 2009
An expression of joy or disbelief most powerfully conveyed in a loud, markedly southern accent with great excitement.
Steve: Hey Jimbo I finally got that fourth wheel for ma pickup. Now I can take ma cousin to the box social like we had been fixin' on.

Jimbo: Well Heyallright!!!
by crazycyrax March 09, 2009
A dish contrived of elbow macaroni, cheddar cheese. Said to give the consumer a considerable amount style, ease, and overall sexuality.
Mike: chall do homie?

Greg: Oh son you know I be eating that fresh mac and steeze.

Mike: chall gat that steeze on lock-down boy!!!
by crazycyrax February 24, 2009
an abbreviation of the phrase "what do you have?" or "what you got?" most often used in conjuction with "chall do" or "what it do"
Mike: Chall gat homie?

Bellend: Oh son Ize just ripped off Little Ricky. I gat 21 oz. of blow and one clean ass desert ease.

Mike: Chall gat no prints on that ish?

Bellend: Nah son.
by crazycyrax February 21, 2009
What would a pirate do? A question of virtue asked by followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Pastafarians. The answer usually involves large quantities of grog or rum followed by the singing of many a sea shanty.
Lil Ricky: Man my girl just left me for another girl. I don't know what to do man.

Timbo: WWAPD bro?

Lil Ricky: Good point man let's get drunk and sing pirate songs.
by crazycyrax June 05, 2009
A drive throught liquor store found mainly in southern states such as North Carolina and Florida in which the customer never has to exit his vehicle.
Billy-Bob: What you doin tonight there feller?

Jim-Bobby-Jones: I'm finna raise up and get my travel on to that ill brew thru, and then put a hurtin on a 12 pack of Busch Light bottles.

Billy-Bob: Well heyallright.
by crazycyrax March 06, 2009
A phrase used to vocalize the amount of passion and effort with which one will persue a certain objective.
1) Yo son I'm starvin. I'm about to put a hurtin on this Chinese Buffet.

2) Damn that girl's fine as hell. I'm finna put a hurtin on that later on.
by crazycyrax March 05, 2009

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