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In some conversations on message boards, it is used in place of the word "random" to indicate that a post is off topic.

It may also be used to indicate that the content of a post is inappropriate for that board should be posted in /b/ instead.

This is due to the fact that "/b/" originates from the 4chan "random" board. the /b/ board is full of all manner of obscene madness that you wouldn't even see in sparta.
Poster 1: Which do you think is better- PS3 or Xbox 360?
Poster 2: My penis.
Poster 3: /b/
by crazfulla June 13, 2010
Breakdown: Slag Fais

1. The cute and often provocative face that a 14~ year old girl puts on to attract members of the opposite sex.

2. The person with such a face, used as an insult in place of calling them a slag or jail bait.
1. "Don't pay attention to her slag fais!"

2. "That slag fais is nothing but trouble"
by crazfulla August 25, 2008
Used to describe fit young women whom appear to be emo or listen to the emo punk genre of music. Usually of a slim build, black hair combed over the face in the form of an emo fringe and have occasional lesbian tendancies.
Me: Dude Ayme hooked up with Sinead last night!! omg it was emolicious!
Friend: O RLY?
by crazfulla December 14, 2006
Code word for penis.

Based on the fact that when your penis is erect it points kinda up and kinda out. So, it is on an odd angle, like the longest side of a right angled triangle.


1. To discretely refer to male genitals.

2. To flame people (IE call them a dick).
1. "My hypotenuse is 12 inches."

2. "You my dear sir, are a hypotenuse."
by crazfulla December 15, 2010

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