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164 definitions by craig

1. The world within ours. Inhabited by red and green but most commonly blue klaymen. These blobs of klay created by the one and only Knox.

2. Klay World is basically Robert Benfer's (Knox's) desk that he animates his awesome klaymations. Klay World is also the shortened term for his new full feature movie Klay World: Off the Table.
1. "It's the end of Klay World!"

2. Are you gonna be buying Knox's Klay World movie?
by Craig May 29, 2005
36 9
to bother, complain, bitch, or f*#k.
No me chingas! - Quit bothering me !(just a tad bit stronger though)
by craig January 15, 2004
70 43
To equip ones self with one (or more) firearms.

'Man, go get heated and we'll meet up under the bridge to take out them useless exscuse for gangsters.'
by Craig January 01, 2005
65 40
slang for Milwaukee, WI
Yo, that dude is from Brew City.
by Craig September 26, 2004
30 5
This word describes something that is considered very good.
That trick was totally radical dude!
by craig May 06, 2004
74 49
sex while the woman is on her period
why is there blood on your bed
because dat dumb hoe din't tell me she was on her reds
by craig March 11, 2003
72 49
A phrase to describe getting the short end of the stick, or being left holding the bag! From the literal: group of guys having a circle jerk "on" a cookie placed in the middle of the group. The last one to climax has to "eat the cookie".
John was the one left to eat the cookie when all his friends found chicks to hook up with at the bar.
by Craig June 19, 2006
44 24