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dfg is short for dah fei gei, which means to shoot at airplanes in cantonese.

it is slang for jackin off.
*knock knock*

Tom: hey dude what you doing? cmon open the door!

James: hold on... gime a sec

Tom: cmon man quit your dfg and open the door!
by liquefaction November 22, 2004
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1. short form for down for gangus
2. to ask someone if they are willing to let you gangus them
me: yo I was with this hot girl last night
friend: no way was she dfg?
me: yea it was freakin awesome!
by bffldsnabs October 09, 2011
gang originated in charlotte then passed on to other states.
dog food gangstas are peaceful so therefore not a gang. they are wannabees and fags.
1. the DFG got the crap beat out of them.
2. some members of DFG got in a fight and lost.
by ngfjj May 24, 2008
Acronym for Destined For Greatness.
This magazine is so funny, it's dfg!
by audax July 25, 2005

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