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Short form for Pretty Frickin' (or Fuckin') Good.

Origin: In Good Company (2004), starring Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace.
That idea you came up with was PFG!
by craig February 03, 2005
Emcee for the hip hop group, Main Source, and now is an acclaimed hip hop producer and emcee
Large Professor is a great producer and emcee.
by Craig April 08, 2005
One Night Stand
In the past month i've had 31 ONS's
by craig March 12, 2003
Probably Metallica's worst album. Being such a hardcore fan of the band I at least would like to say there are some okayish songs on the album, Some Kind of Monster probably being the best. Even when Metallica changed their style with Load and ReLoad they were still a kickass band, but their latest album was very poor to Metallica standards because they tried experimenting with nu-metal music. I don't believe Lars is the downfall though, I mean his drumming in St. Anger sounds pretty much the same in all the songs but all the songs sound the same anyways. It would make sense if they had recorded all the songs, one after another without really changing the guitar FX or drums, but it took them three years, but seeing the DVD named 'Some Kind of Monster' you can sort of see what problems they had making this album.
*Listening to Some Kind of Monster*

Person who has never heard it: Wow. This is really crappy compared to other Metallica songs.

Me: Yeah, this is probably the best one on the album though.
by Craig March 24, 2005
to bother, complain, bitch, or f*#k.
No me chingas! - Quit bothering me !(just a tad bit stronger though)
by craig January 15, 2004
Adj. The act of a man slapping his penis across a womans face.
Fred CHILI WHIPed wilma with his prehistoric suasage.
by Craig October 30, 2002
Completely mad. Bonkers. Cuckoo
You know that girl I was seeing? Well, it turns out she's totally hatstand.
by Craig May 10, 2004

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