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4 definitions by corwin

The white man's version of an afro hairstyle. My hair is long, thick and curly, and when I don't take care of it, it puffs out like an afro. But I am white so it is called an anglo.
Jim's sporting an anglo today.
Check out Mark's anglo!
by Corwin December 02, 2004
A phrase commonly used to signify the end of a story; any story ends well on the upbeat note of finding five dollars.
"I was going to the laundromat to wash all of my clothes, and I tripped and broke my nose on the asphalt. I tried to get into my car, but I dropped the keys into the sewer grate I was parked by. I got a ride to the hospital from an old lady who smelled like cheese, and when I got there I found out that my insurance didn't cover stupidity. And then I found five dollars!"
by Corwin May 06, 2005
Somebody who is very stupid.
Mike Matas sure is a Wosss.
by corwin March 31, 2004
Free Anarchy hasn't been able to take over the world because he's too goddam lazy.
by Corwin January 28, 2004