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The white man's version of an afro hairstyle. My hair is long, thick and curly, and when I don't take care of it, it puffs out like an afro. But I am white so it is called an anglo.
Jim's sporting an anglo today.
Check out Mark's anglo!
by Corwin December 02, 2004
A phrase commonly used to signify the end of a story; any story ends well on the upbeat note of finding five dollars.
"I was going to the laundromat to wash all of my clothes, and I tripped and broke my nose on the asphalt. I tried to get into my car, but I dropped the keys into the sewer grate I was parked by. I got a ride to the hospital from an old lady who smelled like cheese, and when I got there I found out that my insurance didn't cover stupidity. And then I found five dollars!"
by Corwin May 06, 2005
Somebody who is very stupid.
Mike Matas sure is a Wosss.
by corwin March 31, 2004
A wouldbe tyrannical despot hellbent on World Domination through the use of giant robots.

Giant robots are key!
Free Anarchy hasn't been able to take over the world because he's too goddam lazy.
by Corwin January 28, 2004

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