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If you want a shittier internet, come to America Offline.
Me hearing commercial: If you want a better internet, come to America Online.
Me speaking aloud: America Offline is the shittiest! It should be for Mac users.
by conner March 13, 2005
one PURPLE, one BLUE, one YELLOW, and one ORANGE. Twisted versions of furry, felt and woolen 'human toddlers.' They look like fucked up multicoloured teddy bears and speak like their spastic EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE NOT!!!
1)Did you see those fucked up bits of fluff on the telly this morning? I hear they're called TWEENIES!!!

2)When somebody is ill you say that they are 'All tweenied up' cuzz they look either purple, blue, yellow or orange. Theytalk like they are spastic if they've got a throat infection and they are ALL FUCKED UP!!!
by Conner November 19, 2003
A superb idiot. Or used to describe someone that's just done something really stupid.
"You wanna go to Queezno's?"
"You mean Quizno's? It's called QUIZNO'S! God, you're such a queezno!"
by Conner February 11, 2009
A name for Ryan and James Park at White Plains Middle School in my spanish class!!
I hate James because he is a stupid assmonkey.
by conner March 23, 2005
someone who is a fucking,ginger,bastard cunt!
shut up you fucking chig
by conner September 22, 2004

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