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14 definitions by cockblocker

V Day, short for vagina day, is conveniently celebrated on February 14th, and is enjoyed by all. Many are unaware that when they yell "Happy V day", (intending to mean Happy Valentines day), they are really wishing the other person's vagina has a happy day.
Bonifah: Happy V day, girl!
Lateequa: Imma give ma' vagina a facial!
by CockBlocker February 14, 2005
Utensils such as knives, forks, and spoons used by women having frequent casual sexual relations with different partners; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.
Once Moitoyra picked up the cutlery off the table, the other onlookers refused to touch it, afterwards as it was then considered slutlery due to her promiscuous nature.

Moitoyra: "I'ma eat ma cheezeburga with ma cutlery becuz I'm proper like dat"
Daroizio: "No you nawt nigga biatch, you'ze gunna use yo slutlery"
by CockBlocker January 16, 2006
Dandruff that is located around the pubis mondis. (Vaginal dandruff = vandruff). Not to be confused with crabs or crusty semen. Often found on prostitutes and ghetto hoes with poor vaginal hygiene.
Shanikwa: "Girl, you got crabs?"
Lefonda: "No, I got vandruff"
by CockBlocker January 17, 2005
A term used when describing one's punani that is hidden or unknown to the general public and is unable to be located. This box may be hidden due to the presence of extensive pubic hair or due to an extreme form of genital fungus.
"I tried to hit up that box to get my freak on but it was hidden behind a jungle of pubes. It sure was a secret box!"

"Secret box, no secret box!"
by CockBlocker May 30, 2004
A crusty poon owned by the infamous "Dune" who is the gatekeeper of her domain. This so called "Dune" occasionally offers drunken parties where people go to trash her house and insult her poon. Not to be confused with Dune's All You Can Eat Fish Buffet.
Tyreece's friday night plans included a quick stop at the seven eleven for a big gulp followed by an enexpected encounter with Dune's Poon. On arrival he quickly realised that Dune's Poon had been trashed. Tyreece was extremely dissapointed!
by CockBlocker October 20, 2004
The act of desperately and/or furiously searching for a box before your opponents. A scavenger cunt is similar to the PG rated 'scavenger hunt', but the reward is strikingly different and highly inappropriate and certainly most unsanitary for younger participants. This game may be played in teams however this form of group participation awards all the players a piece of the same cunt.
Dwayne: Ahh mayn, that scavenger cunt last weekend was out of control, nigga!

Sisquo: Shit! Ahh think we weren’t the first ones to the scavenger cunt, it burns when ahh pee! But damn nigga, that was crazy!”
by CockBlocker September 15, 2006
To sing or serenade into one's bumhole therefore mimicking a microphone that is brown. Often ex-American/Canadian Idol stars are reduced to using the brown microphone since it is the only audience that is attentive.
Tariq: "Last nizzight Clay Aiken sang an incredible melody into m'a brown microphone. It was stuck in my head awl day!"
Dwayne: "Damn nigga, that's gross!"

by CockBlocker September 11, 2006