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To "throw up" multiple times on New Year's Eve, typically caused from excessive drinking after the realization that it was yet another sucky year of life.

This happens many times when people see their significant other kissing someone else on the "stroke of 12" during the Midnight hour.
If it wasn't for Bobby having the New Year's Heaves, we could have seen Dick Clark celebrate his 243rd straight New Year's broadcast.
by classyguy273 December 28, 2010
The coach of the professional football team, New York Jets.

He also has an extremely kinky foot fetish, to the point where he and his wife tape their kinky escapades which somehow manage to go viral all over the internet for millions to see.
Mother: "Hey son, what are you watching?"

Son: "Oh nothing mother, it's just that crazy New York football coach, Rex Ryan, licking some woman's feet!"
by classyguy273 December 23, 2010
....something that never happens in Mexico.
My friend Pedro smiled with glee, after he experienced his first White Christmas this year while visiting Uncle Enrique in Canada.
by classyguy273 December 30, 2010

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