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the truest gansta gansta straight outta California Eazy-E (Eric Wright) Member of NWA, owner of multiple guns includin an AK!! R.I.P.
Automobile by EZ-E is a kick ass song!!
by woopwoop October 06, 2003
One of the 3 founding fathers of the union. EZE was the one who came up with the name union, as well as created the union symbol.
by little cactus November 04, 2003
noun-a hoplessly promiscuous slu-bag who will hook up with any guy any time any place
Jeff-Dude I was so bored last weekend.
Mac-What did you do?
Jeff-I had to hook up with ez E
Mac-Come on dude, you can do better.
by broker July 04, 2007
A rapper hailing from Mountain Lakes New Jersey. He is a member of BPS consisting of Mo Pete and BAC.
BPS's best rapper is EZE
by LLL$ April 06, 2005
a slut named emily..Emily Miller... and also a raper
E.Z. E went to a party this weekend and macked with every guy she saw again. that girl is so easy..
by Mark... :P November 11, 2003
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