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A cult of zombie heroin addicts. Nocturnal creatures, they can be seen wandering around bushes at night. They wander in a syncronised fashion, back and forth, separated from each other by upto 40 metres. The more prestigious members will hide in the bushes themselves, and can only be seen at close distances by their white clothing or cigarettes.
Liam: Shall we scout out the skate park?
Si: Nah, man, i can see them moving.
Timian: Where?
Si: In the bushes.
Liam: Fuck, there's one fettled out on the quater pipe.
Timian: Nah. Fuck that. Let's stay here.
by CJ September 05, 2004
goofing off, slacking
Hey, stop putzin around!
by CJ January 05, 2005
strictly in the gay male community, person who sees words backwards, and also licks dicks suffers from dicklixia
Bruce has trouble reading his Gay Pride monthly because he has a bad case of dicklixia
by cj February 22, 2006
A lot better way of saying bitch
by CJ November 15, 2003
Hysterical laughter when high.

Captain Magenta is a fictional character, based on the animated puppet adventures of Captain Scarlet. Captain Magenta is Scarlet's camp evil twin brother, who, like Captain Scarlet, is invincible. This does not, however, prevent him from getting hurt. Which he does in abundance.

The appearance of captain magenta in circles of certain stoners can sometimes be a dangerous phenomenon, as the laugh produced by particular stoners is identical to the call of the heroin cult.
(After 5-20 minutes of solid laughter)

Liam: holy shit man, my sides.
Timian: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Si: Captain M to the max.
by CJ September 05, 2004
n. poop.
Excuse me, I have to go bake a chocolate ass cake...

Uh oh. I have some chocolate ass cakes burning in the oven.
by cj February 22, 2004
see also Captain Magenta
"The Captain has arrived"
by CJ September 05, 2004

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