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12 definitions by chunkography

a person or persons that have sex with trees. thy either drill hole or find a natural hole in the tree and fuck it.
though they are rare you can usually find at least one in every town.
what is that guy doin? wait.......no way he's a knot knocker, no, not kiddin he's fuckin that tree
by chunkography February 02, 2009
the fatigue you feel after shitting.
mainly felt with mud butt.
hey we're goin to the club you trying to roll?
no i can't i'm shitigued.
by chunkography January 04, 2009
when walking you begin to jump off of things doing spins or flips if managable.
walking with hands or just dancing while walking. just make that walk intersting and your own style.
look at that guy, he's a hardcore free style walker. i wish i ould do some free style walking.
by chunkography January 06, 2009
when ones entire body smells like ass.
like rotten cheese and fritos mixed with used condoms.
and no matter how much they shower they always smell the same. a word branched off of gwerish. (see gwerish)
hey man that guy that just walked by was an ulto gwerish.
i'm gonna vomit and shit in my pants.
thats how bad it was. my fucking god. ulto gwerish.
by chunkography January 06, 2009
a carton of milk that has gone sour.
pronounced nar ton
oh man this milk is no longer good, oh no.
it's fuckin gnarton throw it man.
by chunkography January 04, 2009
the term used for some that has ass breath. like they use dog shit for outh wash. they could just brush their teath and it smells like a crusty crotch.
hey man.

fuck dude clean your mouth. yer fuck gwerish man. i should punch you. right now. fuck gwerish bitch.
by chunkography January 04, 2009
when someone is extremely drunk and is going on and on about how much they love you. an extremely emotional drunk.
did you see seth?
yeah what a kripkrap
by chunkography January 06, 2009