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10 definitions by chubby thy legend

a lolocaust is a genocide of epic proportion however it is only acceptable to mock said genocide 50 years or more after the incident.

rwanda genocide=not cool

as you can see, the rules for calling lolocaust are clear
by chubby thy legend January 29, 2010
Mexican black person, a mexicoon
Jake: Hey hey get away from my car!

Stranger: Que?

Jake: fuck off

Stranger: Que?

Jake: fuck off before i get my gun you filthy Mexicoon
by chubby thy legend September 25, 2009
N-BOMB is a term used to define the word nigger. The BOMB part of the title is there to show how heavy and dangerous a word it is.
Mike: Did you see the Russian prime minister talking about Obama the other day?

Jeff: No, why?

Mike: Well it all started fine, but then in he came and just droped the N-BOMB

Jeff: No...fucking...way!!!
by chubby thy legend February 17, 2010
Like a theasaurus, the wogasaurus teeches people how to speak wog. Going into a nigger area? Then just fetch your wogasaurus.
I was in Brooklyn when all of a sudden i was approached by some niggers who spoke wog, it was very intimidating, but then i pulled out my wogasaurus and was soon in kfc with the formentioned niggers
by chubby thy legend May 24, 2009
When someone goes out with the intention to rape someone else but upon pulling his trousers down he reveals the most shocking truth...he is flaccid. What to do? simple! rape 'n' cuddle
Rapist: Get ready for my cock!

Victim: HELP!!!

Rapist: uh-oh...

Victim: W...hat

Rapist: I cant get hard, rape 'n' cuddle?

Victim: Yeah, ok
by chubby thy legend September 25, 2009
Like a drug dog but much cheaper and more expendable than their canine counterparts. like drug dogs you cut open there stomach and inside, store ilegal narcotics. Very cheap, very effective, and most of all, very funny
Dealer 1: So, you get the dog into the country?

Dealer 2: na man

Dealer 1: you said you had the stuff!

Dealer 2: i do, meet tyrone, my finest drug-wog
by chubby thy legend September 19, 2009
Getting Shipmaned is when you go to the doctor and get a jab, but only end up very ill/dead after this experience. Often the latter, getting Shipmaned is something that many people experience due to the doctor having homicidal tendencies
Jed: Where is Dave?

Harry: He cant be here today

Jed: why not?

Harry: He got shipmaned

Jed: Oh shit, when is the funeral?

Harry: Next wednesday
by chubby thy legend September 25, 2009