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Krunch is dried male ejaculate. Ofter attached to bedding or clothing.
Jerry took a woman back to his house, they were making out and he threw her on his bed, however she got up and ran of screaming. It only became apparent to jerry hours later that she had seen the Krunch on his bedding.
by chubby thy legend February 01, 2010
Like a Jihad, but generally a lot less dangerous. a jewhad is a curse a jew puts on you, often resulting in loss of money of absent foreskin.
John: Fuck man, i need your help!

Eddy: What is it?

John: Rabbi Bergenstein put a jewhad on me and now my money is gone

Eddy: He got me too

John: What happened to you?

Eddy: Lets just say my cock is Jewish

Adolf: Whats up guys? The rabbi again?

Eddy: Yep

Adolf: dont worry, i will stop this from ever happening again
by chubby thy legend February 17, 2010
When a baby is in the process of dying, it tends to be very funny.
Hey joe, did you see that dying baby?

Dude, will, i creamed my fucking pants

I laughed so hard, that three africans die

Your laughter of a dying baby bought about the death of africans?


well then how can babies dying be a BAD thing
by chubby thy legend September 22, 2009

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