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A vibrator. Typically the "wand" type of larger, electric vibrator such as the type made by Hitachi.
"my wife loves to use her shnebulator while she's on all fours getting pounded"
by chris_z September 11, 2006
Pronounced "mahl-banyo", this is the term applied to a smelly bathroom after someone drops a particularly offensive toilet bomb in it.

"Dude my girlfriend's so pissed at me for making a malbano at her mother's house on Christmas. I dropped a three-flusher in there and my ass feels like I had a baby."
by chris_z December 08, 2005
Noun - An abbreviation for "no chin, no ass", prevalent among the lameass aging white guy set. Characteristics often include excessive whining, lack of virility and in general acting like someone's grandmother on estrogen therapy.

Dude did you see turtle-looking motherfuc*er grovel like that with that customer? I thought he was gonna cry. Kevin is such a nocnas!
by chris_z December 05, 2005
A person in a temporary to permanent state of diminished mental capacity, brought on by their preoccupation with a man/dick.
"I was going to invite mom over for dinner but she started dating some guy. I can't deal with her when she's being such a dicktard."
by Chris_Z September 14, 2005
A verb, akin to "Bogart". To unjustly swipe or steal; generally operating from a place of entitlement or narcissism. Adj. - "marviney"
"Dude, I was going to go out this week but that dick Kevin fucking Marvined my commissions!"
by chris_z October 13, 2005
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