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A relationship between a man and a woman that involves only sex and none of the other things that are affiliated with it, like conversation, sleep, hugging, and buying things. It is quite possibly as close as any human realtionship will ever get to perfection.
"He's my boytoy."
"Damn strait."
by chris122790 May 06, 2007
When you are really tired in the middle of the week and you want it to be over. Or having sex on a Wednesday.
"Wow i would never get threw the week without my mid week hump."
by chris122790 May 06, 2007
When you talk about hot girls in wood shop... they don't call it WOOD shop for nothing.
"Man I love Wood Shop"
by chris122790 May 06, 2007
An excuse that a guy makes when dumped by a girl, or a fat mans actions when confronted by a box of twinkies.
"What happened between you and whats her face?"
"It didn't work out like a fat man confronted with a box of twinkies."
by chris122790 May 06, 2007
When a member of the opposite sex looks worthy of having sex with or to. Ussualy used by a man to descibe a woman. It has been know to be used in some instances to descibe an inanimate object.
"Those mellons are looking quite fornicateable today."
by chris122790 May 06, 2007
A boys name that is synonymus with obessity. You would be hard pressed to find a guy named jimbo who isnt a fat ass.
"Jesus Christ Jimbo, loose some weight."
by chris122790 May 06, 2007
What you say when you see someone named Joe walk by.
Example: (Joe walks by) Chris: Hey, it's Jay Walking.
by chris122790 May 06, 2007

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