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the greatest team ever when John Elways was on so they had to get some pysco who flipped of KC
Ha the Broncos kicked the Packers ass!
by Chris January 22, 2005
British term to describe masturbating, sometimes known as:

flogging the dolphin
playing tug of war
pumping your fist
having a "german tank"
having a "down town jeremy brown"
having a "five knuckle shuffle"
having "one on the house"

American terms include:

beating off
whacking off
jerking off
he is upstaires having a jossel, would you like to leave a message?
by Chris February 27, 2005
the secret is victoria is a man
(barfing after reading0
by Chris February 24, 2005
Town in the base of Santa Cruz mountains, rich suburb of San Jose. Lots of rich dads with milf wives, and hot daughters. Lots of rich kids means lots of nice cars, big houses, and drugs. Overall tight ass place, a few hours from Tahoe, 20 minutes from Santa Cruz. Check out the Ferrari dealership, Hummer dealership, and huge houses.
I spent the whole day checking out the big houses, hot women, and nice cars in Los Gatos.
by Chris March 18, 2005
A word used to refer to the drug heroine.
I'm off that dog food.
by Chris February 14, 2005
A person promoting something undesirable or discreditable, in this case, war.
George W. Bush
by Chris March 23, 2003
When a person grabs another persons boxers while they are still wearing them and painfully pulls them up as hard as they can.
I was given a wedgie by my friends and my boxers were pulled over my head. The 3 of them were spending the night for the next two weeks while my parents were away and didn't let me pick it out the entire time!! Every time I tried to, they would each kick me as hard as they could in the balls exactly 100 times while the other 2 held me down. It hurt like hell!!
by Chris December 27, 2003
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