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When a person grabs another persons boxers while they are still wearing them and painfully pulls them up as hard as they can.
I was given a wedgie by my friends and my boxers were pulled over my head. The 3 of them were spending the night for the next two weeks while my parents were away and didn't let me pick it out the entire time!! Every time I tried to, they would each kick me as hard as they could in the balls exactly 100 times while the other 2 held me down. It hurt like hell!!
by Chris December 27, 2003
Genuine Kentucky bourbon.
Do you want a Tom Collins? No, I'll have a Beam and Coke, thanks.
by chris September 22, 2003
slang for police, originated from the TV show "hawaii five-0" (apparently a show about cops)
"5-0 at the do, gotta go" -cradle to the grave
by chris January 01, 2004
Chicano term used for disagreement
Lets go see Biodome with Pauly Shore
by Chris May 28, 2003
A word used to refer to the drug heroine.
I'm off that dog food.
by Chris February 14, 2005
despite unpopular belief, this band is far from Death metal. The band Kreator are an excellent example of German Thrash at it's best. Endless Pain all the way through to Enemy Of God, they've been kicking ass for over 20 years.
Kreator have been one of the best bands far longer than you were even a stain in your mom's shit.
by Chris January 11, 2005
A car in which its rear bumper is only seen in a race.
Chris: Hey Mike whats up? Did you beat that 300zx last night?
Mike: Well he spun wheels all the way to the next light..
Chris: And?
Mike: I lost..
Chris: So your telling me your integra lost to a 300zx that did a burnout all the way to the next light?
Mike: Shut up man its rear wheel drive and I didn't have enough downforce.
by Chris March 23, 2005

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