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728 definitions by chris

To trip hard, usually on LSD (acid)
I had to eat the acid when the cop pulled me over! I was frying so hard in the police station the walls were melting!
by Chris May 28, 2003
When you doing a ho' doggystyle hard, you punch her in the head and knock her out cold. then you take a dump on her stomach/chest and sit on and then roll all over her body like a steamroller, covering herin feces. then you leave and hope you never see her agan.
There is no example i can give
by chris April 01, 2004
Chicano term used for disagreement
Lets go see Biodome with Pauly Shore
by Chris May 28, 2003
When a person grabs another persons boxers while they are still wearing them and painfully pulls them up as hard as they can.
I was given a wedgie by my friends and my boxers were pulled over my head. The 3 of them were spending the night for the next two weeks while my parents were away and didn't let me pick it out the entire time!! Every time I tried to, they would each kick me as hard as they could in the balls exactly 100 times while the other 2 held me down. It hurt like hell!!
by Chris December 27, 2003
A word used to refer to the drug heroine.
I'm off that dog food.
by Chris February 14, 2005
To be excessively drunk
I went out last night and got tanked
by Chris November 18, 2002
An adult, male or female, with a sexual and/or psychological attraction to young male children.
I thought Jon always hanging out with kids was kind of strange, then he confided in me that is a boylover.
by Chris September 21, 2003