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a bowel movement that requires you to growl.
earlier today i had to make a growler at my girlfreind's house.
by cholo carwash December 07, 2010
a bowel movement dropped on very hot asphalt or concrete usually in the summer.
The dog dropped a sizzler outside by the air conditioner.
by cholo carwash February 04, 2011
a very runny shit that splatters the whole inside of the toilet and sticks to the sides.
It takes 4 flushes to rinse out the toilet after i sneeze the bowl.
by cholo carwash February 04, 2011
an impromptu carwash to raise money for a cholo funeral usually staffed with cholos who will steal all your change and anything else not bolted down.
If you don't stop peeping on my sister we will have to throw you a cholo carwash.
by cholo carwash February 04, 2011
the result of the fetish of defecating on someone's head.
I have a nice collection of smelly hat videos.
by cholo carwash February 04, 2011
a person who loves meals. usually a very fat fucker.
She looked pretty hot until she stood up and i realised she was a mealer.
by cholo carwash February 04, 2011
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