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A mid 90's heavy metal band whose lead singer was Rob zombie.The bass player was an EXTREMELY hot chick named Sean Yseault. The guitar player was J.,And the drummer was John Tempesta who still plays with Rob Zombie. Back when White Zombie were still together Sean beat out Flea(Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Les Claypool(PRIMUS) for bassist of the year.Thier hits were thunderkiss '65,black sunshine,the one, and the unforgettable MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN. WHITE ZOMBIE is also a classic horror movie starring Bella Lugosi.
Rob Zombie sucks ass since he went all techno and thinks he needs 30 different remixes for every song! He should have stayed with WHITE ZOMBIE.
by choad666 January 24, 2006
When you put your friends cell phone in your sweaty asscrack.Is closely related to the stink palm.The best way to do it is to rub their phone in your crack, tell them you are leaving,go somewhere where they cant see you but you can see them, and call them. It gets really good when you call them and tell them what you just did! The reaction and look on thier face---priceless. You might want to keep an eye on all of your belongings for awhile to make sure they dont try to get you back.
You should have seen the look on chris's face when I told him I gave him a stink Phone!
by choad666 January 21, 2006
A woman who has multiple kids. Most of the time the kids are not by the same father. If you're one of the fathers she usually expects you to take out all of the kids instead of just yours and gets mad when you buy stuff for your kid and not the other four that you dont even know and she doesnt know who the fathers are.
I'd nail her but she's a tricycle motor factory and I dont need no kids.
by choad666 January 18, 2006
small pieces of turds when they fall apart
I thought it was going to be a huge turd, but all I did was fart and shoot some gravel!
by choad666 January 20, 2006
A turd that falls apart in the water.
That turd felt like a foot longer, but it fell apart and looks like m&m's!
by choad666 January 20, 2006
When you are taking a dump and when the turd comes out it falls apart before hitting the water resembling a bunch of bb's in the bottom of the toilet
#1 where were you? #2 Taking a dump. #1 was it a good one? #2 no, I just farted and shot some B B's!
by choad666 January 20, 2006

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