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Verb - Thunderkiss
To give unforgetably amazing or brutal oral sex, sometimes referring to deep throating. Thunderkissing is usually given by a prostitute or some other promiscuous female, so using it as a command or suggection would also subtly imply said female was a whore.

Noun- Thunderkiss(er)
1. The act of thunkderkissing.

2 A synonym for cocksucker, also used in the place of slut.
Guy 1: "I used to have something for Sheryl, but I heard she's thunderkissed every other guy in this school."

Guy 2: "Yeah, but I have to admit, it was some good thunderkiss."

Guy 1: "Great, now there's no way I'm going out with that thunderkisser."
by Michael D. S. September 30, 2007
A "thunder kiss" occurs when you blow a fart while getting a rim job.
Since my girl was nice enough to give my asshole a tongue bath, I figured I would return the favor by blowing her a thunder kiss.
by slow jam September 04, 2010

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