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2 definitions by chemiosmotic


The uncontrollable urge to check one's facebook every time one comes in contact with a computer.
Sam: "Dude, you've been on the computer for four hours reloading the same page. Don't you have a final exam tomorrow?"

Kyle: "Facebook Fever."

Sam: "No one has posted on your wall in days."

Kyle: "How do you know? They could have posted in between now and the last time that I reloaded the page!"
by chemiosmotic December 09, 2007
A motion of shaking one's fingers above one's head when a verbal exclamation would not be appropriate. Similar to spirit fingers and jazz hands.
General Assemblies at Latin Convention are known to be unbearably long, so, as to ameliorate the time situation, the silent cheer is implemented.

Those who practice the silent cheer are far nerdier than most.
by Chemiosmotic November 30, 2006