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Why Are You Still Alive?
Gentlemen, if you are under six feet tall, WAYSA? Hot women won't fuck you.
by chef May 25, 2004
Hot to Death
"Hey do you see that girl?"
"Yeah, she's fine."
"No doubt. HOT TO DEATH!"
by chef June 27, 2003
Damn It is Good To Be King!
I rulez everything I do, DIGTBK!
by chef May 02, 2003
An inbred troll that likes looking at very young girls, should be avoided as they can make "meep-meep" and loud monkey noises when approached
by Chef March 08, 2003
The act of disappointing, performed constantly by a certain idividual from darwin who goes by the stage name DFD.
once again the disappointment disappoints
holy shit, is DFD playing this game?
by chef March 19, 2003
What you call a random who thinks he is good.

Related Items: Laz, Zevier.
"Fuck off Sadam you fucken skz."
by chef March 19, 2003
A muslim who lives in the "HM Prison" Hotel Muslim prison. Worst ever insult
by chef March 06, 2003
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