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the kinda person who loves you
awwwwwwww giles your such a giles,lets make out.
by GIGGLES March 05, 2005
Buffy the Vampire Slayer's watcher.
'Giles lived for school. He's actually bitter that there are only 12 grades. The man probably sat in math class going: there isn't enough math, this could be mathier.'
by BowTieGirl June 14, 2003
Giles is a popular pseudonym for a women's sex toy, most often a vibrator, but can refer to some similiar objects aswell.

This originates from a person named Giles who was apparently 'cute as a rabbit', which eventually led to this naughty little innuendo.
"Pass me the Giles"
"Have you got a Giles with you?"
"My Giles is out of batteries"
by JOSHUA.C August 19, 2009
something that is dangerous and not likely to succeed against.
"Whoa eating that whole burger was gile"
by sam June 18, 2006
a beer swelling, foul mouthed irishman who is known for his excellant leadership abillities
Damn,Giles can Fucking drink!
by MJGiles August 18, 2008
a really good looking, funny guy who has the best girlfriend EVER. he can always make you laugh and he has adorable dimples. he can be a nerd because he watches the history channel but hes a closet nerd so dont worry. he always lets his girlfriend win and she thinks thats stupid. but he can do the worm, has brown eyes, has abs and muscles like crazy!, gets tan easy, sucks at 4-square, and he loves his mom haha. ok bye!
you're such a giles!
by h4nn4histhebombbbb June 05, 2011
(Verb) To clean one's glasses intently in an attempt to
make oneself appear more intelligent whilst conversing.
"It appears we are in a troublesome situation."
'Stop gilesing Matt!'
"I'm not, my glasses really need a good cleaning!"
'By talking, you only prove my point further.'
by MizaBrega November 18, 2011
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