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axis powers hetalia

is an anime & manga (it's a webcomic) about world war,it's also known as Hetalia or Hetalia : Axis powers or Axis powers hetalia,
i don't know what should i write about aph in here,
by DAMN!not my name September 30, 2009
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After Poop Happiness

The great feeling you get after taking a dump because you relieved your body and let go of everything that you have been holding in.
I rushed home from school today to poop and i had been holding it in for 5 periods straight, i am feeling mad Aph right now.
by twasko April 27, 2011
Always pleased to help:)
Something like that:
by Rezak October 04, 2004
disappointment from darwin

see also: DFD
oh chef
by chef March 19, 2003

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