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The coolest fucker ever. Often seen with bitches and a cane.
Everyone including you wishes they were Chase
by Chase February 09, 2005
the biggest set of tits youv set your virgin eyes on
I went over to kims house and her tig ol' bitties were like"snap"
by chase October 24, 2003
small gathering between group of friends, more than a get together, less than a party (used in nor-cal central valley)
Ill call up a few guys and a few girls over to my house, we'll have a kick back
by chase March 07, 2004
The Leader of the Catholic Church from 1979-2005.

He was shot May 13, 1981, but survived.

He died April 2, 2005 in the Vatican City.
The Pope was a great man to all Catholics.
by Chase April 02, 2005
Contraction of am not and slang contraction for anything else.
I ain't gonna watch Joe Millionare 2 because it ain't good.
by Chase November 11, 2003
Urban Dictonary The site you are currently on made up of user submitted definitions of slang and somtimes meaningless words
I can't belive no one has written a definition for Urban Dictonary Until now 12:05 A.M. EST 07/16/04
by Chase July 15, 2004
1. Fucked, meaning in a bad situation

2. Fucked, meaninghaving had sex with
1. after drinking a bottle of drano, Tim was BONED!

2. After heavy consumption of alcohol, Jim and Jenny boned all night.
by Chase December 07, 2003
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