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When the ball sack skin sticks to the inside of the legs and stretches out, making the sack look like a bat wing. This generally occurs due to excessive heat and sweat and can be avoided with a light dusting of the nuts with some baby powder.
Chris: I can't go see my girl with bat wing syndrome
Chad: don't worry man, dust your nuts lightly with this baby powder and you're all good
by chadlamo April 13, 2011
When someone puts their arms out to represent wings and acts like they are a flying airplane while passing gas and leaving a vapor cloud in their wake. As to represent themselves as bomber airplane that is dropping bombs.
Sam: What the heck is the new guy damian doing?

Chad: hurry up and move...he's carpet bombing!
by chadlamo June 04, 2011
typically used as an excuse when someone farts
Jamie: did you just fart?
Damian: No, that was a barking squirrel
by chadlamo January 17, 2012
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