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7 definitions by cdb

Simple-minded, repetitive and some times redundant work.
Using a lawnmower can take the grunt work out of pruning the lawn. ;)
by CDB March 19, 2004
The beginning of the end; the turning point when things go downhill. Derived from the "Happy Days" episode where the fonz jumps a tank full of sharks on his motorcycle. That was the clear turning point of the series.
The fight my girl and I got in a month ago was our shark jump episode.
by cdb February 28, 2003
A blessing given to a teenager under the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or commonly known as Mormon) religion. This blessing is usually accompanied by a written document containing insight into the receiver's future, which is used for guidance.
I'm getting my patriarchal blessing. Yay.
by CDB December 07, 2004
A pack of heroin users, usually at a music festival.
"Watch out for the north corner, it's quiet camp over there."
by Cdb January 27, 2014
abbreviation for shark jump episode
that was the shark jump.
by cdb February 28, 2003
Also known as mother fucker. Used at times when innapropriate or unable to swear.
When stamped on the foot by a little 5 yr old brat "I'm gonna kill you you little muzi fuzi"
by CDB October 23, 2003
Iconographer, Knobjockey, Idiot Powers, F*ckwit
I think morale is low at the moment......

Powers, you are a tosser.
by CDB September 26, 2003