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2 definitions by cdakak

wtlol?, meaning "what the lol?" is a becoming a commonly used word in some mmorpgs,

since lol has been verbed, meaning it has also become a verb, people around the globe have started using this expression
player 1: h3y n00bz whut r u doin?

player 5: Oml0l, y r ther 3 ded ppls on d gr0undz?

player 4: WTLOL?!?!?!?!, y is 7h3y all with no headz?

player 0: OMZ, you guyz r like lolz, you dont c i kill them?
by cdakak August 11, 2009
It's the acronym for Oh My LOL

Player1: hey, pay or die

Player2: OMLOL! ok neewbie i kill you, lolololo xDDXDXD

player !1: soz, i r joke
by cdakak August 07, 2009