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Oh My Zeus. Zeus being a Greek God. I don't need to explain that... you DO know already.
"OMZ that is totes Spaß!"
by Jules August 08, 2005
"Oh My Zarathustra!"

Zarathustra was a Persian-Medean priest.

Supposedly was the first uberhuman, as mentioned in Friedrich Nietzsche's publications.

"Oh My Zarathustra" is an augmentative variation of OMG/ "Oh My God". It expresses severe rage, surprise or painful butthurt.

The expression is commonly used amongst late-twen over achievers, it recently appeared in rural south german suburbs, cities and trains.

It has also occured in Singapore's caucasian immigrant culture, though in unsignificant, vanishing frequency
Oh My Zarathustra! Your are stupid!

OMZ she ugly.

OMZ I've lost everythin'.

OMZ I think I'm losing my mind.

OMZ I will destroy you.
by harlequincopter December 15, 2010
Acronym for Oh my zeus
For people who believe in Greek mythology instead of god.
An alternative to O.M.G!
O.M.Z! she did not just say that
by YANSTA December 14, 2008
Mythology influenced version of "OMG"
Paul: Marie just got her baby!!
Cathy: OMZ!!! That's fantastic

Kim: I'm gonna cut my hair!
Cindy: Oh My Zeus! That would be social suicide!
by mrfreakydoll February 28, 2011
Oh My Zordon

The Almighty Zordon, the leader of the Power Rangers is the equivalent to God.
OMZ he swept me with a DD Salamence.

OMZ Rebecca Black is awesome!
by Yee Im ad0boy March 29, 2011
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