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Lesbian. A female who snacks on the crack of another female.
"Ellen and Anne are a couple of crack snackers."
by thedogsbollocks June 07, 2005
A lesbian that likes to perform cunnilingus.
Ritz is a snackcracker.Cindy, the lesbian, is a cracksnacker. Just look at her mowing the box on that dyke.
by imbadinnv August 02, 2005
Someone into licking ass, rimming and generall eating out another's ass-hole.
I had no idea he was such a dedicated crack snaker, but he can do it for hours and hours.
by cololobo June 25, 2005
A crack snacker is Somebody who breaks in your house, eats up ALL your snacks, and on the way out steals your crack.
That crack snacker ate my cracker jacks and stole my crack. He better not come back.
by mean midget massive attack February 05, 2015
ebonics altrernative to brown noser.
"Man, watchu all up in dat teacha lady's biznus fo? Stop bein sucha crack snacker an stand on ya own."
by cbeck July 28, 2004
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