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Condomentia: full form: condom dementia. (N) A specific state of late-stage cognitive and/or psychological decline that manifests in insane, inaccurate, and dangerous claims, most notably by the Pope, that condoms increase, instead of help prevent, the spread of STDs.
Example: "The Vatican reported today that the Pope's condomentia has worsened considerably in recent weeks, accounting for his outrageous claim that condoms increase the spread of AIDS. They apologize for the inconvenience."
by cayrez March 18, 2009
Refers to the unfortunate and unintended disposal of chewing gum in the pubic hair or pubic region of the recipient of oral sex by the performer who fails to keep his/her gum securely placed in an unused part of the mouth.
911 Operator: "911. What is your emergency?"

Teenage Caller: "OMG my boyfriend left his gum downtown and now it's all tangled in my pubes and my shit is glued shut. Amateur. How do I get it out???"

911 Operator: "Leaving your gum downtown is not a 911 emergency. Please hang up and try peanut butter."
by cayrez November 01, 2009
Sighle: An emoticon that does not exist, but needs to be developed. Resembles a smile but is mixed with a sigh, indicating a conflict of emotions, usually surface sadness or anger mixed with underlying love.
"We had a huge IM fight, but when she said she would less than three me forever, I just had to sighle."
by cayrez October 24, 2009
Trued Love (N) A conception of love derived from the principles of bicycle wheel geometry and maintenance. Like the wheel, love is a complex interaction of tension, force, contraction, and human-made components, and is thus highly susceptible to internal and external pressures. These pressures often cause it to break, melt, or wobble bizarrely without warning, frequently resulting in crashes and injury. However, with adjustment, the damage can often be reversed.

Trued love, like a trued wheel, is said to exist when its integrity has been repaired, its components realigned, its inner balance restored, and its nipples lubed.
"So did those bumps totally screw it up?"

"Nope, we fixed it; it's trued love."
by cayrez April 27, 2009
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