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a rapper. coughrapsuckscough
his name is p. diddy. it used to be puff daddy, but he changed it to p. diddy. but if he just abbrieviated the puff, why isn't it p. daddy? and it thought his real name was sean "puffy" combs. why isn't it sean "puff" combs? it wasn't puffy daddy. why not just sean combs? and where did the "john" in sean john come from? sean john combs? i thought it was sean "puffy" combs. it is sean john "puffy" combs? why not sean john "puff" combs? well now it should be sean john "p." combs shouldn't it? what is a diddy anyway?
by cato February 21, 2004
obsessive compulsive disorder; disease that causes you to form certain habits or clean compulsively, etc.
it really sucks to have ocd.
by cato January 18, 2004
Dani's wears this vest of mest. Dani's are the only wearers of mest vests. Mest vests are both fantasmic and magical.

See also: mufasu and rafar
Dani's mest vest is yellow with black polka dots and it eats pears.
by cato July 14, 2004
A poor, poor, beautiful goat, with an unfortunate fate. Also see Pestulio.
The legend of Pestuello:

Once upon a time, there was a goat named Pestuello. Pestuello was a beautiful goat with a lean, muscular body and long, flowing hair. One day Pestuello went for a walk in the woods. As he turned around a tree, he saw a herd of cannibal goats. They first devoured his legs, then his body, and arms. They then shrunk his head and wore it as a necklace. This was Pestuello's end.

**Write the short version in your math book:
There once was a goat named Pestuello. One day, Pestuello went on a walk in the woods. As he turned around a tree, he saw a herd of cannibal goats. They ate Pestuello. The end.
by cato December 23, 2003
my awesome forrawesome documentary!
includes footage of a giant millipede, dani with four heads, blake doing a cartwheel, and real proof of ian.
by cato January 12, 2004
Sarahsaid thought this was the name of popular lion superstar sensation Mufasa.

See also Rafar and Ted.
"I feel so sorry for Mufasu!"
by cato July 12, 2004
two words combined together, normally by combining the first part or syllable of one word and the last part of another word.
stupid, retard
sniglet to the first degree (two words combined): stetard, rupid

stupid, ugly, retard
sniglet to the second degree (3 words combined): stugtard, rugpid, strugly...

stupid, poop
conjunction sniglet (two words combined sharing one common letter): stupoop
by cato December 23, 2003

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