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VERB; pure religion, and undefiled before god is this; to visit the fatherless and the widow in their affliction and to keep oneself unspotted from the world; humble charity. This is the definition of religion found in the Bible
She practices religion by feeding the fatherless children in China every week.
by Cathi Robertson July 10, 2008
verb: an act or act(s) of humble charity, giving to someone in need, selfless acts of kindness.~adapted from the KJV of the Bible.
"pure religion, and undefiled before God, is this; to visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction."
by Cathi Robertson June 14, 2008
Someone who owns, works for, or sits on the fck&(*ng board of directors of a major corporation who's main goal is to suck the life out of the economy, you, your wallet, your time and your talent. Examples of Corporate Whores: Starbucks, liz who works at Starbucks, all who sell themselves without any thoughts of self-respect or decency.
"I'll take a double macchiato you Corporate Whore" "ME?!?! You're paying for the damn thing you Corporate TRICK!"
by Cathi Robertson July 10, 2008
troutturd (noun) an alternative to using the word "bastard" for people who don't like to use fck&*(G co9834ck suc*#$kin(*g profanity.
"Get the hell out of here you frogging troutturd!"

Also see: "frogging"
by Cathi Robertson June 17, 2008
When a vehicle has at least one unmatching rim, usually caused by crackheads stealing and scrapping aluminum.
"That s.o.b. rimwrecked my car!"
by Cathi Robertson June 14, 2008
Someone who is exceptional at baiting a fishing pole for optimum fishing pleasure. This person knows which bait to use, for the right type of fish in the area and in general is simply a master of the art of choosing the right bait.
Novice baiter; ''hey there, what type of bait should i use in this lake if i'm after bass?''

''masterbaiter- you should definately use crickets caught in the local area, bass love live bait and they're used to the local stuff''

novice baiter; ''thanks you're a real masterbaiter.''

whatever; suck my clit, you can't even spell
by Cathi Robertson July 10, 2008
noun: similar to a recent word of the day (which are picked by illegal aliens who don't speak english)...gay-crashing. Meaning; the act of entering an event or activity meant for gay and lesbian persons, whether straight (stupid word) people are welcomed or not. For instance; not all gate crashers are unwelcomed, they simply went where they weren't part of ''the gang'' or invited
verb; the act of entering an event or activity meant specifically for gay or lesbian persons.
I had a blast Saturday I played fag-along with my gay son and his fag-hag Miranda. whoooot!
by Cathi Robertson July 10, 2008
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