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Refers to the Rolex Wrist Watch
Notorious BIG in Mo Money Mo Problems: "Throw your rollies in the sky/Wave 'em side to side..."
by Fish July 08, 2004
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Another term for fat, or possible even human feces.
Guy: Damn..
Guy 2: what?
Guy: i;m gettng a little roly-ish. i;ve gained 200 lbs in 1 month.
Guy 2: fuck roly!

Girl:omg wtf is that smell?
Guy:i took a roly.
by aundreaa October 27, 2008

A jelly or Swiss roll; sponge cake rolled up with a jam or custard filling.
Instead of the customary spotted dick, Neville requested a jam roly for his birthday feast. But Mummy decided to make a steamed treacle pud and so no one was happy.
by Luigi July 09, 2004
A word that describes someone who considers himself strong but in reality is a weak ass bitch. Low life Wankster who hasn't matured past 8th grade. Likes to take dick in the ass. Talks shit to girls. Hairy back, saggy tits, and horrible abs. A synonym for a pedophile. "Gets it in" and "Creeps" on women varying in age from 13-17.
Guy 1, want to lift with that Roly? Guy 2, Nah he is a weak ass bitch.

Guy 1, Want to fuck lizard? Guy 2, Nah she left me bro.
by Brandon Bevel November 14, 2011
Real men's way of saying "Oh really?". Often used to question others or confuse the uninformed. Frequently responded to with ayrly.
rec0: Getting the server in 4 hours :D
Dr: roly
rec0: ayrly
by Paul - December 16, 2005
A roll your own cigarette. Often touted by consumers of aformentioned product as "chemical free" In all actuality the consumers simply cannot afford regular cigarettes.
John is smoking a roly. Maybe this will make the def long enough fot ya!
by Cat July 08, 2004

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