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The Magazine for people who are being chased by Skeletons!
If you are really being chased by skeletons, read Oh! Skeletons!
by Carlos January 13, 2004
stutter; to mumble words cuz your scare or nerves
all da busters start 2 stutta when they talk to hopper.
by Carlos November 18, 2003
D.C. slang for someone who is fony, fake,looserish, or a punk
by Carlos May 01, 2003

(carl u bird was well rough in bed last nite wid me lol)


he he, no mike that was ME!
whatcha doin you Quena !!?
by Carlos December 30, 2004
using drugs smoking and and cant type well
Johnny:wee i perfin there mergic drogan
Johnny:yeah i remeber the hospital
by cARLOS February 05, 2003
When one smokes marijuana in the early evening, usually after dinner. It is a mellow and peaceful high.
"That was a good dinner, now it's time for some evening high"
by Carlos August 17, 2006
To have sex with, Fuck.
Dude I just tore her ass open like we got married.
by Carlos February 11, 2005

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