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When you see a person who is obviously from an urban area, such as a ghetto, and as they are speaking, they use their hands to help them annunciate EVERY SINGLE SYLLABLE that comes out of their mouths. One of their hands are closed into a fist, denoting rage, and the other hand is open, so the slapping noise makes their points come across more clearly. Most often than not, women of urban cultures use this tactic, as this tactic usually counters the urban male as he says 'Ya know what I'm sayin' approximately 16 times per sentence.
I only watch the morning talk shows, just to see the girls from the 'hood display their ghetto hands, as they repeat themselves and make no sense at all.

Ouch! Your ghetto hands must really hurt, Shanaynay........you were making a lot of good points just now!!!!
by carlipet September 22, 2009
She's the beast from the east.................coast, that is. She is a behemoth of a gal and is old-school skanky. Her game is so old and tired, but you just gotta laugh at her attempts.
Faith: Guess who's coming up from Florida this weekend to corrupt her child?
Carli: Uhhhh that old, tired whore Skank-a-saurus?
Faith: Precisely!
by carlipet November 13, 2009
The act of locking oneself into a bathroom stall, preferrably the one in the dark corner, and sitting on the bowl and taking a snooze or to just 'rest your eyes.'
Damn! I got so wasted last night. I can't believe I made it into work today. I guess I'll just go chill in the john for a while; maybe take a shit nap.
by carlipet September 23, 2009
To take the most Earth shattering dump..................it literally takes the life out of you.
Get out of my way!!!! I have to go and fight the brown whale and it's not gonna be pretty! You have any spray in there??!?!?!?!?!?!
by carlipet September 23, 2009
It's what tough, chewy, unsavory seafood can taste like sometimes..............even at the most upscale restaurants.
Ugh! I paid $45 bucks for this surf and turf and it STILL tastes like a fishy boot. No tip tonight!!!!
by carlipet September 23, 2009
It's what a politician's hands become when they are suddenly thrust into the spotlight. It takes some serious time to polish and groom this look as they feel that keeping their hands together at chest level, whilst gesticulating, makes us citizens feel that they are more trustworthy. Behind closed doors, they're hands return to their normal function.
Damn! That candidate looks like he's the real deal! I can tell because his Politic Hands show me that he would never steer us wrong!
by carlipet October 27, 2012
When shit comes out of your ass, and it coils itself down in the toilet. It usually denotes a blockage in your intestines, or something. Also goes by the name 'ribbon shit.'
Damn! Something must be wrong with me! I just took a spiral shit and it looks like a God-damned pig's tail!!!!
by carlipet November 13, 2009

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