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(v.) To continue to talk loudly after you've been told to be quiet or whisper.

Most commonly done by black people, especially in groups. (hence the name)
Shhh! This is a library. Stop black whispering and be quiet!
by capnkev October 16, 2009
Another name for cop glasses or aviators. Commonly worn by Johnny Knoxville from "Jackass"
Interviewer: So Johnny, how many pairs of knoxvilles do you own?

Johnny: One. Like my sperm count.
by capnkev September 30, 2009
A petophile is what you call someone who takes it a little too far with "loving" their pets. Much like a pedophile, but with animals.

The videos of women who let horses fuck them...classic petophile behavior.

See also animal lover
Jason thought he was being funny when he tried to make his dog get a boner by rubbing on it's balls. What a petophile!
by capnkev June 21, 2009
Pronounced: In-fuck-ted;

(Adj.)-When someone has any type of sexually transmitted disease. Normally referring to AIDS.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Becky? She got tested the other week and found out she's got AIDS.

Guy 2: Damn, I can't tap that anymore. She's infuckted now!
by capnkev June 19, 2009
(n.) Instead of writing on an actual piece of paper, you write on some part of your body (usually the palm or back of hand) like a notepad.

This is called the "Puerto Rican" notepad because the writing will remain there until it get's washed off, which is not frequently done by Puerto Ricans. So it will be remembered and read often.
Guy 1: That guy has "things to do today" written on his hand.
Guy 2: Yeah but that is dated for two weeks ago! That's a puerto rican notepad bitch!
by capnkev April 20, 2009

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