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Defintely the best comic ever written! Bill Watterson is a pimp!
I have many calvin & hobbes tattoo's :)
by CaLviN May 22, 2003
Verb. To Throw up ones hands in a form of a "W".
Ima Westside your ass if you fail me on my permit test.
by Calvin February 24, 2005
When a girl leans in & arches her back and her pussy is the first thing to make contact.Then she slowly presses her tits against your chest & then finally she wraps her arms around your neck.

A blatant sign of disrespect.
That girl just gave you a pussy hug.
by Calvin March 16, 2005
From the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes
"Hobbes is a tiger and he is t3h man!"
by Calvin November 03, 2003
having sex
I was slaying this girl when my momma called on the phone.
by Calvin October 01, 2002
Licks Per Minute

See pussy
I can lick my girlfriends pussy at 600 LPM.
by Calvin August 16, 2004
a stronger version of asshat
he's more then and asshat, he's a full blown fuckhat
by Calvin November 12, 2003
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