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An extremely overly powerful rifle in games. Its insanely over exaggerated power and accuracy results in people who think they have tons of skills but the weapon really requires little more than just some patience to become unstoppable with it. In reality an M1 Garand should and would (AND DID) beat the Kar98K in virtually every type of engagement, yet in games the developers felt that it was necessary to gimp the M1's iron sights, power, and accuracy to create a "level" playing field with the Kar98K's slow bolt action, citing the fact that a player with the semi auto Garand would simply be able to 'click his opponent to death'. This was pointless though since the guy with the M1 will be dead before he can even try to get a good aim with the weapon's poorly modeled iron sights.

Don't be fooled by players with insane scores using the Kar; the guys with the *real* skill are the ones that can own with the Lee-Enfield, M1 Garand, or M1 Carbine rifles.
98K Guy:"LOL!! My score for that round was 117-8, I have so much SKILL!!!!!"
M1 Guy:"Dude, you were using the Kar... you might as well have been using precision guided tactical nukes against cavemen with clubs..."
by callofdutyplayer April 21, 2006

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