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A bolt-action rifle chambered for the .303 British cartridge. It was the main service rifle for British troops during World War II. Well-known for it's smooth operation and accuracy.
The soldier carefully aimed his Lee-Enfield at the advancing German and squeezed the trigger.
by Judicator August 13, 2005
Standard British rifle during the early 20th century up to WW2. It could hold 10 rounds from 2 5 round stripper clips, it was made from english oak giving it a yellowish colour. The lee enfield was the most reliable weapon fielded in WW1. And in WW2 proved more useful than the russian mosin and the german kar98.
A British and a german rifleman were in a battle the german had spent his 5 rounds and tried to reload but the british had 5 more rounds in his Lee-Enfield and killed the german.
by nick davey August 08, 2006
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