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In albanian dick
used to insult someone
Kar - for male
Kare - for female
He rrote kari - hey you dickhead
Kar - Dick
O kar, hajde ketu! - Hey motherfucker, come here!
by Toni November 29, 2003
....Nickname for Karina.
Multiple meanings one, which may stand for: KickAssRapper.
Wayyy Legit...
Added sauce after words.
Is a SluttyWhoreHoin'Prostitute.
Makes friends with everyone.
Easily annoys others, which can resort to problems.
"Hey look its a KAR!"
"Dude I heard she is a SluttyWhoreHoinProstitute."
"Well duhh, she is after all A KAR."
by KAR_in-a October 05, 2009
a sweet girl beautiful girl with a lot of friends. she always has her friends' backs and won't take no shit from nobody. she can do great things.
I love kars.
Kars is such a great friend.
by i hate miley 011 February 05, 2009
A kar is the k98 rifle, and alot of people like to use it...because it is almost as accurate as a spring or scoped kar, requires no scoping, and kills in one hit, unless you hit a window sill or something. Some people are fucking amazing with it, but most have slow reflexes. See wordkarwhore
Karwhore: Whatya gonna do about it?
Me: *headshot* suck spring(springfield sniper rifle) bitch
by Mr.Grammar October 12, 2003
Short for "Karabiner," (the K98) a rifle made by mauser and used by the german army in the world wars. "Kar" is mostly used among Day of Defeat players when referring to that weapon.
I've been owned by the kar again!
by BlastMaster June 19, 2003
Its the dutch word for "cart"
De boer trok de kar vooruit.

The farmer pulled the cart forward.
by Imme Strang December 30, 2003
KAR, as in the KAR98k rifle...can be used with or without a scope and is accurate as hell! I own on Medal of Honor with that rifle.
by laurstanz October 30, 2003
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