13 definitions by caesar

ramming your fingers up someone's ass
Hey, let's go check his oil!
by caesar December 09, 2003
The air you breath when a baseball player takes his sweaty jock and cup, and straps the shit on your face.
Last night when he was sleeping, I gave the bitch jock-oxygen!
by Caesar July 07, 2004
Boon Juice
The gunk on your fingers you smell after you've fingered a girl on the dance floor.
by Caesar October 11, 2003
A poo which is frozen and is hangin by a single butt hair from your anus.
WOW!!!Look at that shitzle hanging from that Jesse kid over there!!!!
by Caesar February 19, 2004
A wild sexual encounter that lasts for over a hour. Down and dirty sex....
After a night of dancing the couple went home and scrofa'd until the wee hours of the morning.
by Caesar August 01, 2003
To have sex without consent, a.k.a. rape
Back in my day, girls were never grubed. they were raped.
by Caesar March 17, 2004

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