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22 definitions by cK

A county in south west england
I live in Devon
by Ck January 04, 2004
591 446
From the great Chris Rock:
What married men get compared to single men.
Single men get blowjobs. Married men get fellatio.
by CK January 26, 2005
428 293
only bloods use it.. its like crackin but brackin get it?
Hey my brotha wats Brackin?
by CK April 21, 2003
204 84
an axe scent
used in math means 1000
2.2 lbs of cocaine
1 kilogram is 1000 grams
by ck May 06, 2005
222 128
Abbreviation for Crips Respect All Bloods.
Fakeass gangstaz disrepecting they flags by callin em rags. A rag is something you clean with. Only people carryin em are CRABs.
by CK October 03, 2004
298 260
a woman's sexual appeal, or her vajoiner. made better known by led zeppelin in the song "black dog"
"hey hey mama when you walk that way i watch your honeydrip i can't keep away"
i wanna get some of that honeydrip.
by Ck July 08, 2004
38 21
faggot + goth

gay goth kid. probably likes reading queer books about conspiracies and vampires and having secks with men. one of the highest degrees of being a skwayer
person one-hey look at edgar over there

person two- no he's part of the "dark" side or whatever. he wants to be called andariel, darkness lord of the almighty, grand panel of the sages of elm street werewolverines.

person one- wow what a faggoth
by Ck July 09, 2004
54 46