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A male person, often of New Zealand birth, who, due to his propensity for copulating with sheep, causes said sheep to be concerned upon sight of said sheep violater.
Here comes that kiwi sheep worrier guy; look at those sheep run.
by Busted Hyman August 04, 2007
To run away or otherwise leave a location with extreme urgency in the face of danger of injury or apprehension. Often wrongly spelt as 'scarper'.
As soon as we threw the rock and it broke the window, we knew we had to scarpa.
by Busted Hyman July 05, 2006
Originally, a term to describe a Catholic participant of the conflict in Northern Ireland. Could now be expanded to include individuals with radical and uncompromising religious views who are quite happy to throw incendary devices at innocent civilians and infidels. Recent examples have occured in Spain, the UK, Sri Lanka and Iraq.
The guy who killed those people on the bus was a bomb thrower.
by Busted Hyman July 05, 2006
The mass-murder of majestic defenseless harmless sea-going mammals by Japanese fishermen- all in the name of science.
Another shameful example of whale hunting with a 20-meter humpback skewered by those Japanese in waters somewhere in the Southern Ocean (nowhere near Japan) all to advance the science of glutony.
by busted hyman July 13, 2009
Front zipper or fly of a man's trousers not being fully pulled up.
After he had done a piss, he came out of the can with his fly at half mast.
by Busted Hyman July 05, 2006
Acronym for Double Income, No Kids, Unbelievable Mortgage. Describes young hard-working marrieds (or a pair of faggots) who are deferring having children whilst they plough all their money into a very large housing loan. See also D.I.N.K.
Look at that huge mansion; a couple of D.I.N.K.U.M s there.
by Busted Hyman July 06, 2006
Also known as Mrs Elton John. In late 2005, Ms David Furnish vowed, in a civil union (or faggot's marriage), only to exchange bodily fluids with Sir Elton for the rest of her life. Presumably, Sir Elton will similarly only sodomise David's ass or inject copious amounts of semen into David's gargling throat and no one else's til one of them dies from HIV, severely chapped lips, a prolapsed rectum or an over-inflammed hemorroid.

As part of his marital obligations, David Furnish takes Sir Elton's cock into his sloppy old arse on a regular basis.
by Busted Hyman July 06, 2006
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